hello my friends i am a middle class boy my name is kaushal singh really place of my birth is in aurangabad maharashtra but in 2014 i and my family has come to state as I am come in these world on 30 dec 2001 in my life there was none a boy means no brother or nor a sister but as i have came to the pune i got 21 sister from that one has gone to some other school

my friend in every raksha bandhan i am seeing my nearby boys that they are get tied the rakhi by there sister by seeing that i am getting very emotional also and saying bad to the god also that why u have not given me the sister a beautiful think in my life and when i get i know the meaning of sister my friend sister means the supporter of our life if sister is there then we have fully support in our life to enjoy to get a help from her bu one day come that she keep us alone in our life when she goes to other task of his life when she get married then she has some new responsibilities and different ways to runs her life

she keep all her mom and dad her brother and friends and move to other way why these happen I dont no but please love u r sister very much and happy rakha bandhan to all brother and sister and happy reading

and for comment or feedback mail on u can join me on kaushal singh hsp and via liking my page kaushal singh


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