hi my friends i am once again in front of u before i have return on rakha bandhan today i am saying about for success u have to be failure i have the great experience about that and the main part is that don’t go in love’s path it is very risky for our life it can dam our life

Every person want to be successful in his or her life not only for money or other he want first his or her parents respect in society and he also has a publicity by good way today people are using bad way to be a good publicity like doing murder and after some days they become the bhai of that area and which person is helping the poor people and in orphanage they are remember for a days and for many days for a good thinkers they famou personalities like A.P.J Abdul kalam sir and our honourable Mahatma Gandhi and etc they are a great personalities which cant be forgotten so if any has sudden liven u alone dont blame to god see one becuase of that person only u will become a successful person in whole world please comment and reply me on and follow me on facebook and like my page kaushal singh Thanks Happy reading

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